mond Creek Boxers


Hammond Creek Boxers

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Welcome to Hammond Creek Boxers. We are located in the Paintsville, KY area. 

Our Boxers are seen by their veterinarian regularly for all their vaccinations and needs. We do have a kennel. Our kennel is a 10 X 20 insulated building that's been converted into our boxers own little house. It has 4 bedrooms with doggy doors installed in each room so that they may come and go as they please. Their house also has a heat and A/C unit running at all times. We are in the process of installing ceramic tile floors and painting the walls to give it a more homey feel. Our boxers are in and out of our house constantly. There's always a few sleeping in our bed with us every night. They all have wonderful temperaments and classic goofball personalities. Our boxers are our family.


All of our puppies are birthed in our home where they are carefully monitored, admired, and loved.  Our puppies interact with our adult dogs, our three very loud children, and are exposed to a wide variety of sights, sounds, smells, and people while they are young. Between the age of 2-3 days old, they are seen by our vet to have their tails and dewclaws removed. At 6 weeks old, they are seen by our vet once again for an exam and to receive their first vaccination. At 8 weeks old, they are ready to go home to their new families. If I feel they need a little extra time with me before they go, I will notify my boxer parents.


We are so happy you have taken the time to meet our Boxer family. Thank you for your consideration in choosing a Hammond Creek Boxer.